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I must first say I’m grateful I’m sitting on my bed, alive, breathing, typing, and watching True Blood. Life is beautiful right now, but a few days ago, something absolutely surreal happened.

Yvette and Ruby have known each other for a lifetime, 20 years, and have never ever said to each other – I never want to speak to you again (I say it at least once a year). I suck at friendships, badly. When I get to heaven, I’m not sure I can explain my failure at friendships. I think their Gayle/Oprah-like friendship is remarkable, which is why I jumped at the opportunity to talk to them about what has kept them together for 20 years.
In a few days, double trouble (Yvette and Ruby) will be facing a long separation – Yvette is moving back home to Ghana and Ruby is about to begin a New York adventure – but before then, they provide us with a little insight into their unique relationship (on the left is Ruby and on the right is Yvette).



So the single men of 8300 had their say last week. This week it is a tight-knit group of Atlanta girls (L-R, Susan, Ruby, Akua, Yvette and Nana Adwoa), and they’re ready and willing to spill the beans on what they think about love, committment, sex and more. What’s really cool about this group is they’re opinionated, direct and spontaneous individuals. They say it how they see it. Life is meant to be lived, and these gals know exactly how. As much as I love to ramble, I’m not going to give a long introduction. So for those of you who wanted the female version, let’s just get started!

Note: the responses aren’t in any order, so Diva 1 is not the same through-out. 

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 True Talk from 8300

I have a lot of cool guys in my family – my brothers, Kofi and Kojo (the most upstanding boys I know!), and my cousin Albert (truly comical dude).

Then there’s the 8300 squad (from L-R), Jonathan, Emmanuel (aka Biggie aka Da Boss), Sellasie, Josh and Kwame (Kwame have you signed the adoption papers? Hurry up so we can make this official and welcome you to the family!)

I love the 8300 guys (named 8300 after their official location in Vienna, Virginia). They’re my squad, my boys; an interesting and radically cool group of guys. I have had a lot of deep, and wacky ‘true talk’ conversations with the group, labeled ‘true talk’ because we believe in openness and direct brutal honesty.

So today, it’s True Talk from 8300. I asked all 5 boys the same set of 6 questions, and their honest and genuine responses are below. Although the 8300 guys are family, best friends, brothers, and have known each other for most of their lives, they’re individuals first and foremost.

Ladies, if you want to have a really good idea of what guys think, and what they want, here are 5 viewpoints just for you!

“There was an accident at the clinic.”

Nimako swung around to look at his father.

“Tendai? Is she okay? Did she do something?”

Nana Nimako stood up from the sofa and closed the door to the living room. He had begun spending more time with his son and his family, and had sort of moved in temporarily. This was a difficult time for all of them and his son needed him even more now. Nimako couldn’t talk to his wife, children or friends. His father was his only confidant now. Nana also needed his son. In all his years, nothing had ever terrified him this much. When his wife died, he had been terrified of living without her, but this was much worse.

I know most of my blogs start with ‘I was talking to a friend.’ Since I started this blog, two things happen in my conversations with friends – either they say, please don’t use this in your blog; or hey what I just said would make a great blog.

That’s how this list started. A friend of mine, who definitely wants to remain anonymous, sent an email with a very simple question: ‘how can you let a guy know that you are not interested? I kind of worked myself into a pickle and don’t know how to get out of it!’

To me, it’s very simple, you just tell him. But I admit I have used cruel and unusual tactics before. There was this guy I had absolutely no interest in, but he was incredibly persistent, seriously. As his calls and visits increased, I knew I had to do something but I couldn’t figure out what to say. He came over one night and the ‘retired’ evil bi-atch in me just appeared. Please note the operative word ‘retired.’


I have not, and may never sign up for any online dating. This post is just to generate dialogue and obtain opinions about online dating 🙂

I know this is one subject that a lot of people, particularly Ghanaians – if I may so, have strong opinions about. The few people I have spoken to don’t have a middle ground on this, it’s either for, or against.

The day of my photo shoot with Justin, later that night, Pearl, Esi and I were lounging and the topic naturally veered off to men. What else do we have to talk about? I was lamenting, as always, about the dearth of ‘good’ men. And Esi said, why don’t you try online dating? Ah, online dating, the unspoken death sentence of a single woman. I said I had actually thought about it, and Pearl vehemently said, ‘no way, I am not that desperate.’ And Esi, God bless her, said, ‘why do you have to be desperate first?’

I decided to listen to y’all and get a photographer to take the bio pictures. I was a little apprehensive. I typically avoid taking pictures, and the idea of being the central focus kinda made me feel nervous. But the entire shoot was a complete blast! I had serious fun and I think I got a lot of great pictures. Justin DeWitt, the photographer, was incredible, honestly, really laid back, friendly and awesome. Pearl did a great job on the hair and Esi did my make-up!

I got 170 pictures back, and I trimmed it down to 60 on my own. Then with Jessica, Carolyn, Patty, my mother, an aunt, uncle, cousin and my brother Kofi, I trimmed it down to the final 9.

Everyone has a favorite, but I actually don’t at this point. It’s up to y’all now.  The final picture will be on the back cover of CIRCLES. My reputation lies in your hands 🙂

Vote on the poll first and then leave a comment if you want to:

Michael Jackson is gone and millions of people are truly saddened. The emotional pain is undeniable and the anguish is obvious. I cried, I’ve really cried. He was, and will remain, one of the greatest.

Michael Jackson’s death has made one thing starkly clear for me, it’s important to love now – not later, not when the person is gone, but NOW.

It is moving, and yet troubling, to see the outpour of grief from close friends and family. Lisa Marie Presley admitted she gave up on him and regrets it. I’m sure many more close to him regret a lot. MJ was quoted many times as saying ‘I am lonely.’ I’m not going to talk about who was there for MJ and who should have been. I don’t know, I’ll never know and it doesn’t matter.

Hello! I decided to try a video blog for this week. I’ve always wanted to do it, just never found something quite interesting to do. This week the video blog is on CIRCLES!

I got the first typeset draft back from the publishers. I was ecstatic. Its darn thick! Gosh, I wrote all that? So I just wanted to ‘show’ it to you and share my excitement.

 Click here for Video diary – take one! 

I also have to send them a bio picture for the back cover. Here are my options:

 Option One

CIRCLES_back cover pic_option 1


He Said, She Said is a transcript of a conversation or interview I had with ‘Kweku’. I just wanted to get a male perspective, make it a conversation, and let you have all the details. It’s my questions, and his opinion. Doesn’t represent all men or women. We all have our beliefs, but I wanted to open the conversation up. This really truly isn’t a feminist blog. I believe in the goodness and potential of guys. So, check out what Kweku has to say, and tell me what you think, truly.