About The Magazine

As introverted as I am, I am passionate about life. I consider myself an avid consumer of my environment. We all experience life in our own ways and we each know what makes us tick. For me, in addition to life, family and God, there are a myriad of topics I am passionate about:  Entertainment (music, TV, film, books, poems and art), Social (education, health, culture, religion), News and Politics, Business (entrepreneurship, leadership, self-actualization), and Life in general (relationships, parenting, travel, food, home decor, style and beauty).

Those who are close to me know I like to debate. It’s my way of learning, questioning and pushing, expanding my thinking and challenging my assumptions. I have learned so much from so many people. So many conversations that give me goose bumps, and add to my growth. As such, as opinionated as I am, I’ve decided not to be the only voice on this page. I want to build a community of people, whose thoughts and words enlighten, provoke and entertain. I want you to learn just as I have learned, from others.

This is what this blog is about – an outlet to share thoughts, opinions and discoveries related to entertainment, social, news and politics, business, and life in general.

I’d like this to be a respectful and collaborative community of passionate people. In our passion, we need to be respectful and civil – debate without insults, and comment without personal attacks.

No matter who you are, what you do and what makes you tick, I hope you will make this online magazine your home, your escape, your sanctuary to be you  – exactly as you are.



Boakyewaa Glover