About The Editor

Boakyewaa Glover is a Ghanaian born writer, entertainer and Organizational Psychologist.

Boakyewaa started writing at a very early age. From when she was six years old, she spent most of her time writing stories on any available piece of paper. Her grandfather owned a computer paper manufacturing company that produced rolls of computer print out paper. Boakyewaa wrote endlessly on every available roll and she kept a collection of short stories.

At the age of 12, Boakyewaa wrote a Christian play for Scripture Union Ghana and was awarded with a plaque for the play at her school’s Speech and Prize Giving Day. A few months later, Boakyewaa wrote two poems for her school’s participation in an Annual Cultural Contest. She and her older brother Kofi performed the poems and one of the poems placed third at the contest.

Boakyewaa wrote her first complete novel, BASIC REALITY, her first year at Wesley Girls’ High School. BASIC REALITY is a dramatic young adult book about twin sisters, who find their friendships, loves and bond as sisters threatened and changed over one summer. Through out secondary school she was an active member of several clubs, including the Writers and Debaters Club (WDC), the Drama Club and the Social Club. By her third year, she was the President of the WDC, Vice President of the Drama Club and Secretary of the Social Club. She wrote, co-directed and acted in a number of plays for the Drama Club.

In her final year, she also wrote a poem to celebrate the accomplishment of Wesley Girls’ High School’s longest serving Headmistress. The Headmistress, Mrs. Acheampong, presented Boakyewaa with a plaque for her accomplishments.

After Wesley Girls’ High School, Boakyewaa wrote her second complete novel, TENDAI. Her first foray into one of her favorite genres, science fiction, TENDAI explores the repercussions of a biogenetic experiment gone wrong, when science is unwittingly pitted against Africa’s oldest and most powerful crafts, black magic.
During this time, Boakyewaa also continued to explore her interest in public speaking and presenting. She worked as a TV Presenter/Journalist for Metro Tv’s hit show, Smash TV. Smash TV, was and still is after 10 years, one of Ghana’s most popular entertainment shows. Boakyewaa was on the show for three years, co-presenting with former Groove FM presenter Vladimir Nettey and Eddy Blay, currently with Peer Pressure.

During her undergrad years at the University of Ghana, Boakyewaa was the lead writer for GTV’s children show ‘S-Class’. She wrote 10 episodes before the show was canceled. After graduating from the University, she expanded her media role by joining TV3, one of Ghana’s largest and popular television networks as a Newscaster/Broadcast Journalist. Boakyewaa was a familiar face on TV3 for two years before leaving to pursue a graduate degree in Psychology at NYU.

Boakyewaa Glover has worked in the Corporate world for 15 years in the US and Ghana. In May 2018, Boakyewaa resigned from her job as a senior manager to focus on her writing full-time and grow her company – Minds on Fire Group.

Boakyewaa currently has three books published – Circles, Tendai and The Justice, in addition to a plethora of articles, short stories, poems and novels. COMMITMENT is her latest project with expected release in 2019.