Goodbye, My Love


Loving you is all I know

It’s been my life, my all

The central piece of my whole existence

Having you in my life, as a lover, as a friend

Makes the emptiness I often feel,

Just a little better

Loving you, I can’t explain why I do

I know that I always have and maybe always will

It’s become part of who I am,

Part of the air I breathe, the life I live

I can’t picture a world where you and I,

Aren’t together, in some way

But my love for you has become a burden

I can no longer bear

It threatens my sanity, my relationships, my heart, my life

I knew the end would eventually come

You saw it earlier than I did

But best I see it now, than never at all

We’re not meant to be, are we?

Not as friends, and not as lovers

To be with you, around you, near you,

Is too painful to endure

To be without you at all

Is too excruciating to comprehend

But the time has come to make a choice

It breaks my heart to let this go

It will hurt for years to come

But on this day, without any fanfare, without debate

I must wholly and completely let you go

On this day, I must dig deep for the strength and the will to move on

It’s truly time to say, goodbye, my love, goodbye