TENDAI – Chapter 2

“Okay, who called you? Denzel?” Kobby asked.

Tendai wondered why he entertained Abbie’s mindless drivel. Abbie practically pulled them into her living room.

“Justin, from Metro TV! I’m going to be Smash TV’s newest VJ! Can you believe that?”

Tendai was actually impressed. Abbie was always talking about working in the entertainment industry. She was surprised Abbie had actually pursued it. Tendai stared at Abbie for a minute as Kobby congratulated her and the two of them began some irrelevant conversation centered on the TV industry. She could do it right there and then, enter Abbie’s head, and understand once and for all if the girl was truly stupid or it was all an act. Dare she try? There was really no need to. She knew what she needed to know. Abbie was the opposite of her, and if Kobby ever wanted to be with Abbie, then she’d feel more sorry for him than herself.

But the temptation to invade Abbie’s mind was still there. What if she did it for just ten seconds? And then it all happened again. One minute she was staring at the two and the next minute, she was no longer in her body. This time she wasn’t scared or surprised. All she did was think it, and it happened. She had some control after all. It felt funny, looking at Kobby and Abbie talk while her body sat there, her empty eyes fixed on them. It was comical, and it wasn’t going to work. She looked like a doll sitting there like that. Laughing she went back inside.

“So Tendai, I’m thinking of changing the show in a big way, more foreign and recent videos. If anyone wants to watch Ghanaian music videos set in some hotel with gardens and some silly dancers, they can check it out on GTV,” Abbie said in her drippy baby voice.

Tendai nodded blankly. Boys were interesting. How could anyone ever find Abbie fascinating? This was hard! Tendai smiled at Abbie and gave Kobby a long look. She’d had enough and he knew it.

“We have to go, Abbie. Give me a shout out on TV, okay?”

“You wish! Bye, Tenny.”

Tendai’s face froze and her blood turned cold. Tenny, she hated that name. And Abbie knew that. Tendai didn’t bother to smile or say bye. She strode out and Kobby followed suit.


“What is wrong with you? What was that for? Tell me, did you have to be so cold?”

He turned on her as soon as they walked through the door at his place. From his stony silence in the car, she knew he was angry. She wasn’t in the mood for one of his rants though. She left him yelling in the foyer and she went straight to his room. She slammed the door shut and sat on the bed, waiting for him to come barging in. It had been a bad weekend, first the dog, her new ability of leaving her body, the growing tension in her family, Abbie’s senseless chatter, it was all just too much. What came next was practically inevitable. She had no control over any of it, none whatsoever. When Kobby walked in, he felt it. The room was seeping with her anger. It was burning hot and the doorknob scorched his palm. He let go of it just as the door slammed violently shut behind him.

“God, no!” he swore.

She sat on the bed, her eyes were wide open and empty pools of blackness stared at him. He knew he had to get out. The floor began to move, and the walls started shaking. He felt he was being choked as something gripped him. But that was all just a tip of the iceberg. He felt himself lifted up and flung across the room at an incredible speed. He couldn’t even scream. His body smashed against the wall and it was then he started screaming. He was lifted up again and his eyes fell on her, sitting eerily still on his bed. It was the scariest sight he’d ever seen. His body bounced off the roof of the room and then hit the floor hard. He lay on the floor motionless, pain coursing through his whole body. His eyes slowly lowered as he looked at the blood trickling from his lips onto his carpet. His breathing was labored and his eyelids fluttered slowly and then stopped completely. And then his breathing stopped.