TENDAI – Chapter 2

“Love me still?” she asked softly.

“Love you always,” he said, kissing her quickly.

She wondered who was more abnormal between the two of them. The unusual scary girl who had a frightening control over mind and matter, or the boy who was crazy enough to love her all the same.

As he drove, she stopped thinking for a while and just listened to him talk. It calmed her down. Sometimes she didn’t know what she would do if he left her, if he couldn’t take all this. Who would she talk to, her 70 year old grand father? She glanced sideways at him. She wanted to get into his mind, understand his motivations for being with her. She wanted to do everything she had never dared do before. What was stopping her? She didn’t even know to what extent she was different. She just left her own body! She closed her eyes as Kobby drove down Kanda highway and turned off the road towards Asylum Down. That was where Abbie lived. Her eyes flew open.

“I don’t want to go to Abbie’s house right now. Come on, Kobby, something scary just happened to us. Can we just go to your place and cuddle?”

“We’ll just be a second, okay? Abbie borrowed one of my tapes and I really want to see that one. Plus, she hasn’t seen you in ages.”

Tendai didn’t say a word. Abbie. Tendai knew she didn’t have any competition of any sort but Abbie… the boyfriend’s best friend. When she met Kobby, he and Abbie had a little thing going on. They claimed they didn’t want to be together. So Tendai went out with him and Abbie was adamant she didn’t have any qualms about that. Oh sure the girls were friends, same school, same class, and their parents knew each other. But Tendai was suspicious. Abbie was too clingy to Kobby and Tendai couldn’t stand her sugary sweet fa├žade. She could easily find out the truth. But she decided from the beginning of the relationship that she’d trust him. Without trust, they’d have nothing. Abbie could never take him away, never. But Abbie had one thing Tendai could never have; she was normal, that is if being ditzy and totally fake was considered normal. Tendai didn’t understand why Kobby tried so hard to get her to like Abbie. What the heck for?

When they pulled up to Abbie’s house, she hesitated getting out of the car, till the door flew open and a petite fair skinned girl flew out.

“Hey! I was just thinking of you two. You won’t believe who just called me today!”

Kobby hugged her and Tendai followed suit, briefly considering squeezing the life out of Abbie. Sweet thought.