TENDAI – Chapter 2

“Something’s very wrong, huh?” he whispered.

She nodded.

“I left my body, Kobby. I don’t know how. I blacked out, for like three seconds, and then I was watching myself fall, watching you. You couldn’t hear me, I couldn’t touch you. I don’t even know how I got back in.”

She watched his face closely, for signs of disbelief. There were none. He knew her too well. She’d never make something like that up. He stood up and paced the room. He should be used to this, but he wasn’t. How do you get used to a girlfriend who was so different, especially when you couldn’t even fathom the extent of her difference? He closed his eyes. This was getting hard. He turned to look at her.

“Baby, has anything else happened recently? Something extra unusual?”

She shook her head straight away and then she remembered something.

“Nana has a dog. This may sound really silly, but it looks just like me. His eyes, there’s just something about them. Everything is getting so strange, so wrong.”

“When is anything ever right, huh?” he muttered.

She glared at him, knowing he was right but upset he’d said it. She got up and walked to the door, slightly irritated.

“Did I say something?” he asked.

“Kobby, I don’t make everything wrong, and I was just as scared and as confused as you. Let’s just get out of here okay? I need some air.”

Before he could say anything, she walked out the door and down the stairs. She walked fast, scared it could happen again. What would she do if it did? Nothing. She was losing all control. Kobby’s car was parked out front and she slid into the front seat quietly. She stared at her house. She knew where they all were. Her mother was in the kitchen with the cook and the house help. Papaa was in the TV room fiddling with the home entertainment. Osei was with him, doing nothing and brooding as usual. And her sister was lounging in bed, twiddling her thumbs. Kobby came out the front door a couple of minutes after her and a smile formed on her face. She hadn’t been very nice today and he was more patient than most would be. Anyone else would be going crazy right now. Anyone else would have said adieu long ago. She’d told him she left her body and he was still with her.

As soon as he got into the car, she leaned over and touched his face, turning him to look at her. She kissed him and he kissed her back. She snuggled up closer to him, kissing him some more. They broke apart and he laughed. She knew why, they were making out right in front of her house. They rarely did that.