TENDAI – Chapter 2

“I’ll be here for the lunch, but baby, I’m doing it for you. And honestly, it will be my last. I really feel uncomfortable being around all that.”

She came out of the bathroom wearing a long halter neck white dress. She looked beautiful. His tone changed.

“You’re beautiful,” he said softly.

She smiled and dropped onto the bed beside him.

“Okay, this is our last Nimako family lunch. I’m sorry I keep dragging you into my family drama. What do you want to do now, go to your place and watch the movies?”

He got up and walked towards the door, smiling.

“Follow me.”

She got up, grabbed her purse and followed him out the door and down the stairs. She started to laugh at something he said and then it happened, right there and then for the first time. She blacked out. Tendai knew something was wrong as soon as her head hit the stairs. The problem was she saw herself fall, saw her body slump on the stairs, saw Kobby kneel beside her and the panic set in.

“Kobby! Kobby! Oh God, Kobby! I’m standing right here!”

He couldn’t hear her. Something was so wrong. She grabbed him by the shoulders and her hands clutched nothing. He stepped right through her with her body in his arms. She began screaming, screaming to high heaven, but nobody was going to hear her. She sat on the stairs and bent her head. She needed to calm down, needed to get back into her body. She closed her eyes for a few seconds and then she saw Nana’s yard, saw him watering his garden, and it was so real. He turned and looked right at her. It was her he was looking at, wasn’t it? He looked tired and worn out. His lips were moving and she tried to catch what he was saying. He was telling her to get inside. Get where? She didn’t understand. Get inside, he kept repeating. She covered her face with her hands and just kept screaming.

Her eyes fluttered open and she looked straight at Kobby.


He heard her.

“Oh my God, Tendai, you scared me to death! Do you know that? I almost called your parents in here. I didn’t know what to think! I thought you were dead!”

She didn’t answer. She touched the bed, the pillow, his face, all real.

“Tendai?” Kobby looked alarmed.

She forced a smile. What could she tell him? She wasn’t even sure what had happened. She had never done this before. She slowly sat upright, and he wrapped his arms around her. He hugged her close and she hugged him back. Back on the stairs, when she couldn’t feel him, deep fear and dread had set in. What if she’d never been able to get back into her body? What if she’d ended up roaming the earth as a lost soul whiles her body was thrown 6 feet under dirt? The thought made her shudder and he held her tighter.