TENDAI – Chapter 2

“Hey big guy, can I get a hug?”

“Are you kidding? No way, I’m not coming close till you’ve had a bath and brushed your teeth.”

She stuck her tongue at him and disappeared into the bathroom. Kobby dropped onto the bed and reached towards the CD player on the bedside table. He rummaged through her CDs.

“Hey, Tendai, where is your Timbaland CD?”

“On my desk,” she yelled.

He looked at the desk across the room, feeling too lazy to get up. He turned to look for another CD. The Timbaland CD was lying there next to him. He smiled, one of her small stunts.

“You know, you’re the reason why I’m so lazy. I’m going to be a fat husband, and worse when I’m old and I can’t actually move much.”

She laughed from the bathroom and he kept smiling. He was used to the little things she did. She moved things around, when she felt like someone needed it but couldn’t get to it. He inserted the CD into the player and lay back on the bed.

“So what do you want to do today? I got a couple of movies from Video zone, pirated, yeah, but what the heck. And oh, Abbie wants us to come over to her place later,” he said, raising his voice to be heard above the shower.

Tendai stepped out of the bathroom a few minutes later, a white heavy robe around her body.

“I know you didn’t forget, Kobby. It’s Sunday, you know my family has a big Sunday lunch every weekend. You know I promised my dad I wouldn’t keep skipping them.”

He sighed, “I didn’t forget. Look, I really hate being around for these lunches. It’s like displaying your family hostilities in front of guests. It’s so obvious something isn’t right between you all.”

She went to her closet and opened the door.

“It’s my father’s attempt at getting us closer. Of course it’s not working, but he wants to keep trying so I promised I’d try too.”

“Tendai, why does he waste all that money for these over the top lunches which are never successful? Worse is you guys invite people over, and everyone can see something is wrong. It’s painful to watch.”

She carried her clothes into the bathroom and closed the door. Kobby knew what that meant. They were going to be here for the lunch. His last one, he would insist on that.