TENDAI – Chapter 2

Tendai drove fast straight home, barely conscious of the road but weaving through the traffic with an experienced ease. She was frustrated at Nana, and angry she was not getting the answers she needed.¬† She knew she could dig deep into his head and rip all those memories and answers out, but each time she entered his head, he grimaced in pain. He was old, getting everything she needed could kill him. As angry as she was, it was a risk she couldn’t take yet. She had to find answers, somehow, some other way.

As soon as she saw her mother’s car in the driveway, her face tightened and she clenched her fists. Fighting with someone like Nana who loved her had taken a toll. She was not in the mood to tussle with the woman who definitely had no love for her. She felt her mother’s presence in the kitchen so she went round the house and entered through the back door straight to her room. She slammed the door hard behind her and lay on her bed, staring at the ceiling. She needed to think, she needed to put things in perspective. She felt tired, drained and lonely. She’d known she was different all her life. But now there was a renewed need to find out more. She glanced at the family portrait again. It was time, wasn’t it? It was time to rattle some cages, and see what falls out. Something had to. She closed her eyes and eventually fell asleep.

Something was ringing loud and Tendai groaned. She had to turn the volume on her phone down. The sound felt like it was embedded in her head. She stretched a little and then finally answered. It was her boyfriend Kobby.

“I’m not even going to ask if you’re avoiding me. I’ve been calling you for hours. What’s going on? Are you avoiding me?”

Tendai laughed and sat up straight on the bed. Kobby was her second favorite person in the world.

“How can I ever avoid you? Why don’t you come over right now, and I’ll show you how much I’ve missed you.”

“Great, because I’m down here in your TV room.”

She chuckled, ” Come up.”

She hung up and got out of bed. There was bright sunlight streaking through the windows and she realized it was morning. She’d slept for over 15 hours. It wasn’t the first time she’d been knocked out cold though. She usually did over 24 hours on her birthdays, and every now and then her body just took whatever time it needed to rest. She didn’t have control over her sleep patterns, and she didn’t care either. Morning, no wonder Kobby thought she was avoiding him. Kobby was the one person aside Nana that she could really talk to. They had been together for two years and she felt almost dependent on him. She could be herself with him. She could be who she was and not care. Being with him was her link to normalcy. Sometimes she felt he was born for her; felt he was meant for her. Just as Nana was meant to be her grand father. She entered the connecting bathroom as the door opened and Kobby entered her bedroom. Looking at him always made her smile. He was an incredibly good looking boy, with smooth chocolate skin and an adorable face. He was tall, lean and firm. Kobby didn’t work out much, but it didn’t show at all. He was clad in a cream colored t-shirt and dark jeans. Her smile broadened, her sexy boyfriend.