TENDAI – blurb

Dan Rosen was a brilliant man; brilliant beyond his years and beyond his time. His mind was vast and his intelligence endless. And like most geniuses, no one quite understood him. Accused of unethical and illegal human experimentation by the country he dedicated his life and heart to, Rosen left the US and set his sights on Ghana. With the Hybrid Africa project, Rosen hoped to fulfill his legacy once and for all.

Nana Nimako loved his daughter-in-law, but he still believed she was responsible for his first grandson’s obvious slowness. When she got pregnant again, he decided it was time to ask his gods to step in. This second child was not going to be a nincompoop.

One child, born of science and altered by black magic. February 14th, on a day of dreams a living nightmare begins, setting in motion a series of events that no one could have predicted much less controlled.

The birth and dawn of a new era.