Basic Reality – Blurb

It was summer, the most anticipated time of the year for almost every teenager. It meant staying at home for seven weeks straight after spending over twelve weeks in a boarding school. And for Shanice and Shauna, it meant practically everything.

Shanice and Shauna were identical twins with identical motives for the summer. Fun, fun and more fun! For them, this was going to be a wild and different summer. They had every intention of going crazy and driving, not just their parents, but the whole of Accra crazy as well.

This is a story about typical nineties Ghanaian teenagers, about fun and love and wild things, and more fun! It’s a story about family, friends and being who you really want to be without losing yourself. It’s a story about one summer and how two sisters spent it. It’s about being in tune with the most basic reality of life. The importance of self.

Oh yes, it was going to be one wild summer!