Unspoken Words

Josh lay on his side and stared at Amma’s naked body. He didn’t expect it to happen so fast. He actually thought he’d have to spend Friday night laying the groundwork and maybe reap the fruits of his labor on Saturday. But when he called her, she said she worked a block from the hotel. So she came over right after work and within minutes of walking through the door, she was all over him. But he had loved it. Kris was controlling like that too, always took charge and didn’t hesitate for a minute. Amma had hair like Kris too, long and natural, past her shoulders. He looked up and down Amma’s body, looking for similarities and differences to Kris. Kris was taller, and leaner. Amma had fuller hips, rounder behind. Kris used to be rounder too, he loved her that way. He was sure if he had her in his bed, he’d still love her new lean body. He’d love her regardless of how she looked. The words swirling in his head startled him. What was he doing? Amma was supposed to take his mind off Kris. He cursed softly under his breath and got up, pulling his shorts on as he made his way to the bathroom.

He stood in front of the mirror and mentally berated himself. Get over it! She’s over you! After everything, there is no way she could ever love you again. He washed his face, hoping to wash away the image of Kris burned into his brain. After a short while he left the bathroom. Amma was already dressed. He was grateful for that. He didn’t have the mental will to go another round.

“So are you heading out tonight?” she asked.

“Yeah, we’re going to some club called H2O,” he lied.

He didn’t want Amma at Lavish. Mimi was going to be there and maybe he’d come back with Mimi.

“Cool, love that club. Maybe I’ll see you there later then.”

Josh sat on the tousled bed after she left and buried his face in his hands. He was such a mess.
Kris got to the club really late. She’d spent two hours at the mall looking for the perfect outfit. And then she spent a good two hours trying on different stuff. Finally she settled on something she felt looked good, a Keri Hilson type outfit, a cut up tee over a black tight bustier and tight ankle cropped jeans with heels.

By the time she got to the club it was past 1am and she was a nervous wreck. This was Josh! Josh was done with her. What was she doing? He was probably involved with someone, that someone his Facebook status changes indicated he was missing every now and then. What if he came to meet a girl or came with a girl? She went into scan mode when she entered the club. Ekow’s roommate had confirmed he was there, so where was he?
When Josh entered the club, he was glad to see Mimi. She looked incredible. It blew his mind a little. He had gotten used to Mimi looking good, but she had gone the extra mile tonight, for his sake, he was sure. Her ample cleavage was imprisoned behind an incredibly tight strapless short dress. He wanted to rip her dress off, give her body room to breathe. The thought made him laugh as he hugged her tight.

“Can you breathe?” he asked her, staring straight at her bust. She smiled, her practiced coy smile.
“I’m good, you should be asking yourself, seems you’re having a little reaction.”
He chuckled, yeah he was. Usually he hated public displays of affection, especially with someone who wasn’t his girlfriend, but when Mimi kissed him, he let it happen. They kissed for ages. He didn’t even know why he let it happen. There would be talk the next day, it would make a dent to his ‘low key’ reputation and track record. Nothing was ever really a secret in the Ghanaian community. Amma would probably find out. Someone could be taking pictures right now. That thought made him pull back, and his eyes immediately scanned the room, and that’s when he saw her.