Unspoken Words

Josh threw his bag into the far corner of the plush hotel room. He and his boys had gone all out for this trip. ‘You only live once’ was their motto. Why the heck were they making over $100k a year? He was paid an outrageous sum of money and he liked to spend it. He wasn’t stupid and frivolous but he lived in each moment. He could die tomorrow, so why get a cheap low class hotel? Plus California women didn’t like cheap, so he’d learnt not to be. His cell phone rang and he glanced at it. Mimi, that girl was psychic, but incredibly hot. He answered.

“Josh! Are you in town yet? You did say today right?”

“Yeah, Mimi, I just got here,” he said as he dropped onto the bed, placing his feet on the clean sheets.

“So what’s up? What are you guys doing tonight? Some of the girls and I are going to Lavish tonight, it’s a hot lounge. But it’s early yet, I can swing by now if you want.”

He could picture her twirling her hair with her fingers, trying to look coy and sexy, hoping it would translate in her voice. He resisted a chuckle. Mimi was incredibly sexy, she had the body of a Greek goddess, but he’d slept with her enough times. This trip was for new blood. This hotel room was not meant for girls he could get anytime any day. And he could get Mimi anytime he wanted. She’d flown to Cali a few times just because he asked. This was not Mimi’s night.

“I’ve been on a plane for hours. I just want to take a shower, and then sleep a bit, get myself all ready for tonight. I’ll tell the boys, we’ll head to Lavish okay?”

“You better! I’ve missed you. I hope I see you later. Maybe spend the night after the club?”

He rolled his eyes, “Hey who knows? I’ll call you later okay?”

He hung up before she could say another word. There was one girl, Amma, he’d been dying to hook up with for a while, but the time never seemed right. She sent him a Facebook request a couple of months ago. He’d seen her a few times before, at parties, but they’d never spoken. When he and the boys started planning the trip, he sent her a message, told her he was heading her way. She said she’d love to meet up, hang out. Their messages were suggestive but no one said anything outright. She wanted him, he knew that, and he wanted her. She was crazy sexy, with long natural hair that he’d been thinking about for days. If anyone was going to get his mind off Kris, it was going to be Amma. He picked up his cell phone, found her number and dialed.
“Oh my God! I’ve missed you so much!”

Kris squealed as she threw her arms around her older cousin. Ekow laughed and hugged her back.

“So your boy Josh is apparently in town,” Ekow said as he threw her bags into the trunk.

Kris froze. What? Josh was in DC? His status hadn’t said anything about a DC trip, but in any case, neither had hers.

“Are you serious? How do you know?”

“One of my roommates is friends with his roommate. They’re heading to Lavish tonight.”

She didn’t say a word. Josh was in town. What were the odds! And then she freaked out. She had nothing to wear. She glanced at her watch. It was 8pm!

“Ekow, can you drop me off at the mall and pick me up later?”

He laughed and shrugged, “Sure.”

Kris closed her eyes, this had to mean something!