Unspoken Words

“Yeah Nana, thanks man, it should be fun huh,” he said.

“For sure man, I’m heading to the store, need anything?”

“No, I’m straight, thanks.”

“Ok, catch you later then. Make sure you book your hotel ASAP.”

When his roommate left, he lay back on his bed and stared at the ceiling. He was looking forward to the DC trip with his boys. They all rarely left California and they’d decided it was time to go check out some East Coast bunnies. That should help take his mind off her. He really hoped so.
“Kris? Kris? Are you with us?”

Kris snapped out of her daydream and stared blankly at her co-worker standing over her.

“Huh?” she muttered, trying to quickly close Josh’s Facebook page.

Her co-worker Sandi laughed, “Uh, no need to do that. Who cares? I check my Facebook page a 100 times a day. I swear I think my boyfriend is sleeping with his so-called best friend. They post on each other’s wall like a gazzillion times a day!”

Kris laughed and shrugged. Who knows, he probably was.

“Anyways, Kris, we have to finalize our flights to DC. You want to head out there the weekend before the meeting, right?”

Kris nodded and turned back to her screen. She pulled up her outlook calendar. She had been praying feverishly that the offsite her company held at different global locations each year would be held in California. Instead her Managing Director chose DC, probably because he wanted to go check out the White House, hope for a glimpse of the first family. She loved DC but Josh was in Cali and lately all she could think about was Josh.

Kris’s mind started to drift again. Her resurrected feelings for Josh were driving her crazy and she hated it. After their break up, she’d obsessed over him for years, it was pathetic. Eventually she moved on and they tried to be friends, and she felt she handled that pretty well. She couldn’t remember exactly how but they’d drifted apart again. When he first sent her the Facebook friend request, she hadn’t thought much of it, hadn’t been all excited. A main part of it was because at the time she found Facebook tedious, and also because she was sort of seeing someone else. But over the last year, she’d gotten drawn into the whole social networking thing, and with it came the inherent problems. Catching up with old friends was great, but seeing old crushes and boyfriends move on and be happy was hard. Josh looked like he was having the time of his life. There were so many pictures of him in bars, parties, clubs, holidaying in Bermuda with skimpily clad gorgeous women, and more along those lines.

And then there was the status updates; stuff like ‘thinking of someone’, ‘best day in a long time, thanks to…’ and so forth. She couldn’t stand it, and yet she checked out his page at least once a day.

Josh was the love of her life. She’d loved him with her whole heart, loved him passionately and wholly and completely. And when it ended, she’d been in denial for years. She’d prayed for a second chance, and eventually she let it go and tried to move on, until now. She wondered if she really missed him, or maybe it was just Facebook making her feel all sentimental. Whatever it was, she wanted to see him again, look at him again, know for sure she was over him. God she sincerely hoped she was, because she knew Josh was definitely over her. And when Josh was done, he was done.

Hesitantly, she opened up the internet explorer window and began searching for tickets to DC. Who knows, maybe she’d meet the love of her life there.