2018 Vote of Thanks

I am a little late with this post. I had planned to post it on the 31st and then post my 2019 Resolution on the 1st. Unfortunately (but also fortunately!), the 31st was an incredibly busy day for me, in a good and exciting way. But I was knackered by the time I got home and by 9:30pm, I was sleepwalking through activities like brushing my teeth. So I went to bed, it’s important to know when to quit!

Anyways, here’s my 2018 Vote of Thanks. It reads like an Oscar acceptance speech for best original screenplay. I’m practicing for that moment, hehehe. You dey there, it’s coming people.

2018 has been a rough year but as my Pastor reminded us this past Sunday, we are ALIVE. We take being ALIVE for granted, we shouldn’t. I love life, with all it’s pain and troubles, I love being alive, I love waking up, I love opening my eyes. I’ve had surgery before and I’ve been under general anesthesia and that nothingness is horrifying. When you go under, it’s truly lights out, and when you wake up and realize how gone you were, that there was no moment of consciousness, it’s deeply terrifying. So to wake up each day is such a blessing!
Thank you first to God for that blessing, and for all His many, countless blessings in my life. I’ve believed in God all my life, and I’ve been a “Christian” all my life too, but I would honestly say it was this year that I began a personal, one-on-one relationship with God. Before this year, it was a belief I had but I wasn’t really all-in. And now that I am getting to know Him, recognize Him, listen to Him, and build a better relationship, it’s truly life-changing. So my thanks to Him for being patient with me, and waiting on me to get here. He tried really hard, and He never gave up. I thank Him also for my friend Emefa K., my twinnie whom He used to deliver the message that worked. Emefa said this to me during a particularly difficult time this year: “God is fighting a battle for you, He’s fighting hard on your behalf. Considering everything you’ve gone through in your life, I believe strongly that He’s waging a war on your behalf. The attacks are many but He’s fighting. But B, you have to help Him. You have to help Him.” I don’t know if it was my mental state of despair or what it was, but those words will forever live with me, because I pictured it and I felt it. I am a living testament to the fact that God has been fighting for me, and in that moment, when she said what she said, I realized I also had to do my part. And that was it. It hit me, it drowned me, and I just prayed. It hasn’t been easy, and I don’t expect it to be now or in the future. But I am HERE.

And now a few thank you’s – not an exhaustive list, but just a humble start. Overall, I love and appreciate everyone who has shown me sincere love and support.

To my family, my thanks comes from deep within me and is immeasurable. It is incredible the type of people I know and call my family. It is such a blessing in itself to have such a supportive family, because I know not many people have that. And many of these people are actually my bestest friends in the whole wide world. My family is sort of my everything. They know me. They are there for me. I have always struggled with friends, gone through so many falling outs, but in the midst of it all, my family stood with me, not without drama, but they remained. We have strained silences, we argue, we debate, we fight, we have long streams of whatsapp zealous exchanges, and then days later, we’re cracking jokes and moving on. I don’t know how we do it, I don’t why it’s tough to translate that to regular friendships, but I’m thankful I have that. I’ll name a few folks but everyone who is my family MATTERS!!
Mama (words can’t express how blessed I am to have you), Nana Kofi, Kojo James, Naj, Mammie, Kojo H, PK, Mebro, Serwa, Ama H, Estella, Aku H, Ama A-A, Abena Burma (you rock!), Auntie Florence, Auntie Justina, Auntie Joana, Uncle Kwame, Kofi B, Abena B, Mamaa, Fiifi, Nana Darkoa, Esi Nana, Josh S, Araba A-A and Kwesi A-A, Soma, Emefa K (adopted beloved twin 😊) and all the young nephews and nieces who bring such joy and sunshine to my life! To my nephew Kojo N, you tore open this cold heart that was walled up, and you taught me the joy and pains of parenting and loving. No matter what happens with us, I will fondly appreciate this experience. God is with you Kojo!

To my friends, yes, I’m yet to crack the code on friendship but there are some people that I really like and appreciate. I may not show it everyday, we may be estranged friends even, or we may actually just be acquaintances, but you are in my friends book nonetheless. Thanks for all your support and well wishes.
A few specific shout outs. Akwasi S – I really pray for God to continue to bless you as he has already, you deserve it! Kwasi S – you were there during some rough times in the past, I never said thank you, so here it is! Nhyira Addo – thank you for using your platform to showcase me and for being my friend from long t! When are we doing this movie la. Abraham aka Sonny – thanks for being a shoulder during our tumultuous construction time, I really look forward to us chilling in our homes soon! Ato Bernasko and Ruby Buah – you guys menn, coming through for me like that, I’m thankful and speechless, I wish nothing but the best for you, you have good hearts and good spirits. No matter what comes out of all this, I APPRECIATE you. Anne Sackey – you may think this is nothing, but two things you did. First, you sat with me in your office and shared marketing tips that I actually used (FB advertising!) and simply advised me, and second, you gave me a Facebook shout out telling me ‘you got this’. I’m sentimental, stuff like that really resonates. Bless you for that. Sara A-A – your advice, opening yourself up to me, sharing your contacts, and just being awesome. Eugenia – you are a Queen, you are such a good human being, truly. God bless you girl. Anita E – our call soon after I resigned still rings in my head, you are something else. The future I see for you? Beyond awe-inspiring! Teki, Cassie, Sandie, Gifty, Akomeah – you are my oldies but goodies, we are not the same but you are permanently etched in my book of friends! Nana Awere Damoah and Kofi Akpabli – It is only God who can reward you for what you’ve done and continue to do. You are blessed. Auntie Yaaba, I’m trying to figure out how to adopt you! Nana Aba A – I miss you papa. Let’s connect more. Gifty B – thank you, let’s do drinks soon. Jimmy S – I really wish the best for you, praying we continue to remain friends. Eddy A – we both need to do better; Ato A – still waiting on that dinner 😊, S.A. – it’s been what, 14 years? We’ve done well oh. Nana Ama B-K – I hope you didn’t think I would forget you. I wish the best for you! Luca – I’m claiming you as a friend whether you like it or not! Tony W – I’m renaming Fridays to the TW Day 😊. Nana Ekua B-H – I’m claiming you too! Thank you Nana. Ewurama Brew – you are a miracle worker! Thank you Tina. Simon M – pacesetter, right behind you bro! Frimpong – I have been a terrible client! I am so embarrassed to come back to the gym! But thank you for trying so hard, don’t give up on me, God didn’t!

To my work colleagues who’ve transitioned to be friends – you have no idea how much each one of you means to me! Ama Bawuah – God bless you, now and always! Case and Karla – your support, your encouragement, your hospitality! I miss our sushi meet ups! Alex, Agnes, Aaron – my favorite As, my trio, my work besties, my rocks! You know what you’ve done for me. Thank you. Eva, Priscilla, Mina, Franca, Seth, Richard, Carl, Adiki, Kwasi Kyei, Robert, Paul, Tim, Michael, Davey, Dave S., David C, and Dave K. I pray the best for all of you.

To my legal and professional teams! I started the year with no lawyers, engineers, surveyors, etc. and now look, full squad! Emeafa, Alex O, Romeo, Kwasi, Kwame, Bryan, Dr. Dickson, Perpetual B, thank you; you all helped to make difficult situations less difficult.

I need to shout out some groups, businesses and brands – you made 2018 a bit easier too! BOSE (just got the soundwear, you’re making me broke, slow down on the great products, thank you), Sony, Apple, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Nike, Silverbird Cinema (I struggled with adding you to this list but you’ve done some, you have a lot to work on though or I will write you off real quick), Airport Wakye/Hajia, Ci Gusta fro-yo, Pinkberry fro-yo (grabbed one last night, chilling in the freezer now, I’ll dig in after I post this), Agape NTC, Hillsong Worship, RCS 94 Group, WGHS 97 Group, and Coca-Cola (zero coke and zero sprite, where have you been all my life? I need to quit you too, hopefully we’ll get there in 2019).

To my pastors who’ve provided direct counsel and prayers – Pastor Sarah, Pastor Divine and Pastor Adeline, I pray that you remain steeped in God’s word and continue to bless others.

Hmm, I have to find a way to trim this list and make it crisp before I win the Oscar….

Until then, God bless you all!!!!!!!!!!