I Stand With God




(Originally posted on Facebook and www.myjoyonline.com)

Hmm, so I find the whole ‘I stand with Otabil’ posters quite interesting. Why not ‘I stand with God’ or ‘I stand with Ghana’ or ‘I stand with Integrity’? People are allowed to be loyal to whomever they want to be loyal to, but here’s my opinion.

It’s interesting the venom we use to attack politicians but with pastors, we excuse them quickly and easily, because hey they’re also human, they make mistakes. Aren’t politicians human too? Why is the ‘they’re also human’ rhetoric quickly applied to pastors? And what does that statement really mean? This is why we have pedophilia is still rampant in the Catholic Church. This is why some pastors have private jets and multi-million dollar homes. We’ve lost our ability to question our ‘men of God’ and hold them to equal, if not higher standards of integrity.

So in this current case, why do we quickly and easily believe Otabil was misled? Because he’s a pastor it’s impossible that he knowingly signed off on these transactions, it’s impossible that he knowingly participated? Why is the notion that he may be complicit so hard to believe? Because of the title and position he holds? There is only one Trinity – God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. No one else is above that. NO ONE. We’ve created these powerful, protected middle men and positioned them as our access to God. A pastor is meant to guide you to understand the WORD of God. He is not GOD. If you are born again, you have direct access to God through the Holy Spirit.

In my opinion, and I repeat, my opinion, I don’t find his potential complicitness hard to believe. Note, I said potential. But this is what I know. Last year, he placed dollar amounts on blessings and categorized them into tiers. I will never ever understand that. $5000 gives you a different blessing than $100? And we actually believe that the God we worship will look at the amounts you’ve paid to these middlemen and apportion your blessings according to that? We believe God and his angels are answering prayers based on how much you donate, pay or contribute? Then there is no hope for anyone. Not only did he create a tiered, monetary system for blessings, he called out those criticizing him as ‘they look like insults’. Oh yeah, that was very ‘man of God’ behavior. Fantastic role model. And then he’s recorded chastising his congregation for taking their collections elsewhere? That’s what you’re concerned about? Loss of income and not loss of souls?

Let’s start with the alleged reports that he signed off on the money disbursements. As a true man of God, he could have and should have said, this money will only be used for the purpose for which it was intended, that’s it. This money is meant for us to fix our own bank and I will not allow for it to be used for anything else. The money, taxpayers money, was given for a purpose, and he supposedly didn’t use it for that purpose. How is that misled? He should have stood firm and resisted any sweet talks and promises of great returns and any other things that were presented to him as options. Isn’t that what the bible teaches? To stand firm, and resist temptation? And if he didn’t stand firm, and succumbed to the sweet talks and deals put before him, how do we excuse that? If someone whispers in your ear to cheat on your wife, and you do, will you tell your wife you were misled? Give that a try, that’s a popular excuse these days, it might just work.

God is watching us as we deviate from his WORD. We are judging people differently, by different standards. That shouldn’t be the case. In the bible, God condemned men of God who lost their way. Jesus chastised even his own disciples, and he whipped and drove away false prophets. God doesn’t have double standards. Let’s not have that for our lives. Whether you’re an ordinary citizen, or a CEO, or Board Chair, or a pastor, same standards should apply. Even the Christian Council has released a statement that all who are culpable should be prosecuted. That’s the right example and the right rhetoric.

When Dufuor and Otabil get to heaven’s gate, God won’t use their titles to be the barometer of judgment. It’ll be based on their deeds and actions on earth. Having the title Pastor doesn’t mean God will excuse you of your deeds on earth. That’s a fallacy. Falling for that is like falling for the notion that God blesses us based on the quantum of our contributions.

My pastor once said: the problem isn’t with Jubilee House, the problem is with God’s house. I believe that sincerely. Millions of Christians in Ghana. Millions! If ALL Christians in Ghana lived righteous lives, Ghana wouldn’t be on any corruption index. The people perpetuating corruption go to Church, don’t even kid yourselves. They’re Church people, God fearing people, who wake up on Monday steal money, come to church and thank God for their bounty and blessings. A supposedly God fearing country and this is where we are. We are not truly God fearing. Christians in Ghana have let this country down. Just as Christians years ago in the US systematically enslaved and murdered blacks. None of that would have happened if they were true Christians and were going by the WORD of God. The people in God’s House need to DO BETTER. Excusing each other won’t help.