What Am I Missing?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, as I walk around, listen to people, watch movies, what am I missing here?

My cousin Didi and I were heading to the cinema once. He doesn’t watch movies a lot, and I was telling him about Duplicity with Clive ‘my love’ Owen and Julia ‘my idol’ Roberts. I mentioned that I’d missed Clive’s earlier one ‘The International’ and there was no way I was going to miss Duplicity. And Didi said, “Oh yeah, The International, I saw the preview for that one. They shot a crazy action scene at the Guggenheim, and when I first saw it, I thought, gosh how did they get to do that at Guggenheim?” I frowned. I’d seen the preview for The International several times. They crisscrossed the globe for that movie, but I hadn’t noticed Guggenheim in the preview. It didn’t take me long to understand why. Didi is an architect, and this wasn’t the first time he’d done that. He notices anything and everything related to his craft. You’d be walking or driving and he’d get excited about some building, talking about the lines, flow, and whatever else.  His passion influences everything he does and sees and talks about. And in all honesty, I am just the same.

I went to watch Seven Pounds with a group and I unfortunately ruined the movie for Carol who was sitting next to me, because I predicted the movie down to the T. I do that a lot, predicting what’s coming next in movies, even with dialogue. If someone says, ‘how do you say goodbye to (fill in the space),’ there are a limited number of responses script writers would go for, e.g. ‘you don’t,’ or ‘you don’t say goodbye, you say see you later.’

Carol asked me how come I knew what was going to happen next and I said because writers don’t just throw stuff into scripts without a purpose. For Seven Pounds (SPOILER ALERT), when he had the argument with his lawyer in the motel room and he sat down to sign the contract, my eyes went to the bottom of the screen and in very faint lettering, almost illegible, it read ‘organ donation agreement.’ It was a wide shot, not even a close up, there were several other details in the scene a person could look at, but I usually zone in on the details. Every tiny detail is part of a bigger conclusion, a bigger picture. I realize this because I write, and I’m fanatical about TV and movies, I notice the minute seemingly off details and I don’t let go. So perhaps I wouldn’t notice Guggenheim, or like Raheem, my former producer at Metro TV, I wouldn’t notice that the camera angle in a scene is too high or unlike Suresh, that the light was too bright. Which brings me to my question, what am I missing as I look at life through my personal biased lenses?

Does it matter if you have multiple interests and passions? Does my psychology background, combined with my writing, and movies and music interests, in addition to my culture and experiences make me more apt to see more, to notice more, to be more open minded? Possibly, probably, but who really knows? But does my lack of other interests or experiences, like architecture, or science or even being single force me to miss other crucial and interesting details? But I suppose it is not possible to absorb everything, to catch all details, and grasp the true nature of what we see and hear and feel. No matter what, there will be biases based on who we are.

If I delve any deeper I’ll have to dig out my cognitive psychology notes and textbooks and I don’t feel like getting dust on myself right now. All the same, I really keep thinking, wondering, what am I missing? What are we all missing? And honestly, I don’t like the thought that I could be missing something!