I Love You


I like touching you, I like you touching me

I like the feel of your skin, so soft, so smooth

And in other places, so rough, so strong

I like your body, next to mine

Your beautiful, yet imperfect body

Merging with my equally flawed body

As in life, nothing is perfect, but I feel

What we have is close enough

I love us, the way we are

In tune with each other, in love with one another

I love the closeness we share

Intense togetherness, yet private separateness

I love the definition of us, the good and the bad

All define who we are, and what we have

I love our history, I love our present

And I am in love with our future

I pray we’ll always be like this

Whisper to me that it can only get better

Promise me we’ll never lose this

Because I promise you the same

I promise to always be there

I make these promises, because that’s all I want

I love you, how I love you