Just The Way You Are

“How could you wait two days before calling me! Honestly, I should disown you, Dani.”

“Please don’t disown me, because you’ve officially been promoted to best friend numero uno.”

“What? Did you and Abe have a fight?”

Dani twirled the home phone code in between her fingers and stared at her ceiling. When she first bought the house she’d briefly considered writing some inspirational quotes on the ceiling. She spent so much time staring up at it.

“We had a fight yesterday. He stormed out and we haven’t spoken since. Did you know he was seeing someone? She looks like a Victoria’s Secret model.”

“Oh it’s official?”

“What do you mean, Nana? Do you know her?”

“No I don’t. I met them at a club once. He was holding her hand but I didn’t think too much about it. I mean, she looks like Gisele Bundchen. And I know Abe is like our Boris Kudjoe lookalike but still, she’s super hot.”

“I know, tell me about it. And her name is Rayne, from Kumasi.”

Nana burst out laughing and Dani followed suit. Rayne from Kumasi, yeah that sounded hilarious.

“Rayne? Oh Ghanaians and these funny names. It wouldn’t surprise me if she changed her name because there is no way any self-respecting Kumasi man would name his daughter Rayne. Give me a break.”

Dani couldn’t stop laughing. Thank God she’d called Nana. She was her favorite cousin and closest confidante, second to Abe.

“Thanks for making me laugh, Nana. I’ve been miserable.”

“Do you like him, Dani?”

Dani rolled her eyes.

“I’ve told you a million times before, I don’t. I really don’t.”

“So why are you so upset?”

“Because I don’t get it. I just don’t. I know Abe. I know him, and this girl, I just don’t see it. He’s making a mistake. He’s being a typical superficial man.”

“So let him, Dani, just let him. It’s his life. If he’s making a mistake, let him make it. I don’t want to be brutal, sweetie, but don’t fight with him over this. You guys have been friends for so long. You have to respect his decision.”

Dani lay still on the bed. It was hard to hear but Nana was right. She cared about Abe. She wanted him to make the right decisions, but in the end, it was really up to him. She sighed. She didn’t want him to get hurt, but more importantly, she didn’t ever want to lose him. She needed to be supportive, or she would definitely lose him.