Road To CIRCLES Auditions – The Hunt For ‘Ato Fynn’

When ETV started looking for actors for CIRCLES late last year, they quickly spotted a couple of people who could play ‘Rabbie Daniels’ but finding ‘Ato Fynn’ hasn’t been easy – which is one of the reasons why they started to do a complete casting calling, in hopes that they can find the right ‘Ato.’ Eugene Adu-Antwi is one person who is gunning hard for Ato and I can’t help but be impressed with his determination. Eugene auditioned and won a part in a TV show I scripted years ago for GTV, called “TeleClass.” And now he’s back attempting to win his ‘dream role.’  I appreciate and really enjoy Eugene’s humorous emails, especially since I’m not there.

So I’m posting Eugene’s notes his ‘Road to Circles Auditions’ as he calls it (I think he should start his own blog). If you have any stories related to the auditions you want to share, please send them. I’m especially looking for pictures of the D-Day.

Eugene’s CIRCLES blog (unedited):

Purchase CIRCLES

Ok Twitterbugs,so this is what I’ve been up to pretty much all day. I picked it up from silverbird this morning, and I pretty much read it all day, couldn’t put it down.GREAT BOOK by a Ghanaian writer, I’m sure some of my Ghanaian tweeps have heard about her. Seriously y’all this book is hot, and no it’s not set in a forest or by a village near a river. It’s contemporary Ghana, dudes it let’s you in on what really goes on in the girls boarding schools (some of which is probably scenes from your wet dreams wink) and in
Uni as well. It’s basically about Rabbie, a young Carrie Bradshaw sans the expensive shoes or loyal friends, lol and her journey from Wesley Girls to NYU and the boys and the men in between. It sounds like a romance novel but, far from that this chick has mad pimping skills ‘yo. I can’t get into deets, you would have to read the book for yourself to get what I mean, but it comes highly recommended by myself and you know Im stingy with approval lol. The title is Circles by Boakyewaa Glover (whom I stalk now lol) and you can get it from the silverbird lifestyle store for just GHC 15.00, it’s totally worth it. For those of you outside Ghana I believe it’s on Amazon (google it) P.S. Don’t even think of asking to borrow mine, cuz I won’t give it you. I’m throwing it in a safe till it gets autographed lol.

Figuring out what character to play

Wooooow!! that was a rollercoaster ride, talk about drama…i’m still a bit unsettled with the ending, because it’s not really an ending..I want the rest,lol. What does Rabbie do?? Hope you’re working on a sequel where she settles down with Ato because she obviously can’t get enough of him,they are soulmates. Even though he’s a jerk, but clearly she has to be a bit more understanding of him. I think they have a friendship which is very important, they obviously have honesty between then, and the sex sounds good, cuz she keeps going back.
I love Rabbie though,she thinks like a man.I must say, I find her taste for tall light skinned men slightly appalling lol (like ugggh this girl needs some chocolate) but looking at my own personal relationship history, I can’t be mad at that.
My favorite part has to be the early years though, I found it really relatable in a sense. Now that I think about it, secondary school was about dating in the same circles, actually since J.S.S. and coming out of a relationship with a girl who one of my best friend’s was crazy about in high school, that drama hits a bit too close to home.
I love that she stayed a virgin till she was 18 as well, that certainly was not the case in my days, it’s probably worse now, lol. (BTW she should have gone to Motown instead, lol, her boy crazy ass would have had a BLAST and twice the drama)
The experimentation…oooohhh!! I was like reaally, made me like her even more. She so real, I love it. Most Ghanaians like to turn a blind eye to stuff like this and make it seem like it’s non-existent and doesn’t happen, I appreciate the fact that you put that in the story without making the charactor seem like a posessed creature,as most ghanaians would look at it. Clearly she’s not afraid to explore her sexuality.
I really couldn’t keep up with the girlfriends cuz they seemed so many, and so on and off. I liked Lynn she seemed really fun until she hooked up with Ato, she’s totally behind the facebook fiasco lol.
Ok, now the men, which was my main focus till the story carried me completely away. Ato, the whole friends with benefits thing was so awesome, I’m mad that he’s skinny though, is he light-skinned as well?? I kind of missed that anyway, he’s a player and all but I think he’s Rabbies soulmate. Osei…I feel really bad for him, he seems like the nice guy, husband material but clearly he wasn’t bringing the “heat” and she probably just liked the stability of having him, and he kept coming back :(. Then there’s Ekow, probably the best sex but ended up being a liar. Asare, forgettable cuz I can’t even remember much about him now, and i literally just finished reading the book. The guy from the T.V. station (forgettable also, I guess) I think he was really into her but wanted to eat his cake and have it. The little clash at his house was hilarious.
Selorm the first love, she was wrong for that one, must have crushed his little heart. Jon,I really liked his charactor ( again very mad that he was mixed race). Tei, I knew he couldn’t be trusted from the beginning, plus he came with baby mama drama, he should be shot for what he did to Rabbie towards the end, that was foul man, Cami too. Kwame, her first and he died just a few pages after, probably if he had lived they might have had something stronger from that bond alone.
Anyway, so the charactor that I feel it would be fun playing is Edem, lol. He is a first class asshole, plus he’s not light skinned or six feet, so I could have a chance. He was cool at first I liked him, then he did what he did then I was like okay, another LOSER. He seems so vicious, which I would love to take on.
It’s rather unfortunate he spits out my favorite line in the entire book, which I would love to deliver “you think this a movie huh? Let’s think of it as a movie then, I’m the hero and the female lead is not you. Not only are you not in my movie, I don’t think you should even buy tickets to see it” …Boakyewaa,u should have seen me reading those lines, I literally screamed “Awwww Sh**” I would so love to say that, of course I could never tell that to a person in real life, but hopefully on screen because that is EPIC!! I still think he’s a jerk but he seems to be upfront with it, his is undeniable. He’s the biggest ass (even though it’s pretty obvious he has the smallest d!ck in the bunch, excuse my French LOL). I’m in no way shape or form like him, I just find him interesting lol.
Is the screen adaptation gonna stay true to the book?? Cuz If so then this is a really ambitious project, if I’m not a part of this I’d DIE!! I shouldn’t have read the book because now I’m really scared. Is the story going to be in seasons? from like the high school days and so on??
Wow, look at me going on on, I’m probably annoying you LOL. I was just gonna tell you how much I loved the book and I’ve ended up practically doing a book review. Talk about getting carried away, anyway I reaaly did enjoy the book, it was so great and I’m not brown nosing just because I want to be a part of it. I picked it up and literally read cover to cover, first time I’ve read a Ghanaian book which wasn’t for academic purposes and I LOVED it. With all that tongue wrestling sheesh, the show would be steamy. If I don’t get a part I just might pull an Abena and go on my knees, begging and wailing. No, totally kidding.
I already knew you were an awesome writer, but this is on the next level. Did I say I wanted more?? Cuz that ending was not satisfying, it felt like a new beginning.
And I’m still typing, a load of crap….Ok, I’m gonna cut it out now. If you think I’m a little obnoxious now, I won’t blame you at all.

Decided – Ato or nothing!

Got to meet with John today, very nice man I must say. Got the synopsis and charactor descriptions, met two of the possible competition…nice guys, but I don’t think they hold a candle to me (not to sound narcissistic) lol. I’m going full on for Ato now, even though I’m not as tall or as skinny, I think it’s worth a shot. He’s the charactor that I relate the most to anyway. I’m still prepraring thoroughly and praying and hoping for the best. Only in a few days, being in his office and seeing the circles folder on his desk and having the episode titles and all makes it feel so real…and scary. I’m still really excited, and very passionate about this, even more because John does not strike me as the type of person who would deliver a lackluster production,which makes me want this even more.
Boakyewaa please pray for me!! like seriously,no joke lol. Ask God to help me, and if possible make me two inches taller before Saturday. I cut my diet and actually lost some weight,and ask him that I don’t go there and get nervous and choke, because that would be IT!! Anyhoo, this is silly ol’ me keeping you posted. Holla!!