CIRCLES is getting adapted for TV!!!!!!!!

I was going to wait a little before making this announcement, but I’ve been getting calls, texts and emails since Wednesday asking me if the promo on TV is for my book CIRCLES. I figured I might as well make it official.

On Sunday, February 6th, I finalized a contract with ETV Ghana to adapt CIRCLES into a TV show. The show will be produced by ETV, scripted by me and will begin airing June 2011. My book is coming to TV, y’all!

As I told a friend of mine a couple of days ago, I think it is effing super cool. Seriously. I’m usually a cynic and a bit of a pessimist when it comes to stuff I do or accomplish. It never really hits me that I’ve done anything with my life. I mean every now and then I experience flashes of happiness but it never sticks around for long. Thankfully, this euphoria has lasted from Wednesday (when the promos started airing I think) to today. So I am sharing it with you. Let me also share the story of how it all happened.

Last May, when I was in Ghana for the CIRCLES book launch, I had a meeting with Edward Boateng, President of Global Media Alliance (parent company of ETV, Silverbird bookstore, Silverbird cinema, Happy FM, etc.). Edward said he’d heard from one of the Silverbird managers that there was a book called CIRCLES that was selling really well and he was impressed with the growing number of female authored Ghanaian books. So I gave him his personalized autographed copy. We chatted a little about the launch, Silverbird and Ghanaian authors in general.  Two days later, Edward got in touch. He said he read the book, completely loved it and wanted to make it into a movie. I was a little skeptical and hesitant about having it as a movie. I don’t think it’s possible to effectively fit CIRCLES into a two-hour movie. So I said no, I’m not keen on the idea of a movie, maybe a mini-series. He came back a day later and said, how about a TV show? His network is looking for original content for serials. That sounded interesting. So a couple of weeks later, an ETV producer, John, got in touch. He said Edward passed the book onto him, he’s read it, loves it and ETV wants to produce it. I was semi-ecstatic – this is Ghana :). Now, 8 months since the idea was proposed by Edward, it seems it’s all happening. For 8 months, I’ve been cautiously optimistic, and I still am, but I’ve decided to stay high for a little longer. My book is effing getting made into a TV show!

Auditions for the full cast (main and supporting actors) will be happening at ETV’s Asylum Down studios on February 26th, 10am prompt.

  • Go to ETV studios (Asylum Down) and pick a copy of the synopsis, character descriptions and audition form
  • Return the audition form (well before the 26th) with a 5×7 headshot
  • You’ll be given a receipt number
  • Show up at the auditions on the 26th with your receipt number – without your receipt number you won’t be admitted
  • On the day, you will be go through two steps:
    • 5 minute interview with a panel – to assess speech, appearance, attitude, interest, etc
    • Acting assessment – you’ll act a scene from Episode 1 or 2
  • The producers will get back to you if you’re successful
  • If you have any questions, call ETV

Here’s some additional great news – if you haven’t read the book and aren’t familiar with the characters, CIRCLES is now 50% off at Silverbird Lifestyle store. The 50% sale starts Monday the 14th and lasts until Saturday February 26th, day of the auditions. So if you’re a guy, technically you can kill two birds with one stone – get a copy of the book for your girl for Valentine’s Day and encourage her (or yourself) to try out for the show! 50% off for two weeks only at Silverbird. You can also get a copy for $9.99 on Kindle.

ETV will post the audition promo on Youtube and Facebook tomorrow and I will repost it here. Since the promo is based on my book trailer, I’ve decided to post the trailer in the meantime.

Thanks to everyone who has been supportive and encouraging through-out the book process, particularly my family. I truly appreciate it.

2011: The Year of Doing