CIRCLES is on Kindle!


CIRCLES is now available on Kindle!!

I know – I released the book one year and one month ago and I’m now releasing the e-book. I was a little slow moving with the changing times but better late than ever.

I love books – I love turning the page of a new, crisp book, inhaling the scent and absorbing the words. Books are fantastic, but books are also slowly and painfully dying. Barnes and Noble is struggling to stay relevant and Borders is more or less on the brink of bankruptcy (or let’s just call it extinction). Why? There are several reasons, and experts say one of the biggest reasons is because both Barnes and Noble and Borders were slow to respond to Amazon Kindle which was first introduced in 2007. Barnes and Noble launched the Nook two whole years later and Borders launched its Kobo in 2010. The Nook is fighting back hard. Barnes and Noble may have been slow to the e-reader game, but it came in swinging and the Nook just might keep the company afloat. Borders’ Kobo is unfortunately one of the most poorly reviewed e-readers. With the ipad, Kindle and Nook dominating, the Kobo doesn’t stand a chance, and it’s killing Borders.  

It just can’t be denied any longer. We are in a digital world and this has significant implications for businesses and consumers. Businesses that are slow to respond and react are paying a steep price, for instance, Blockbuster faces difficulties as the shift from DVDs to online streaming has taken its business into bankruptcy. The company clung on desperately to the notion that people would always want to rent DVDs. If you fight the way the world is going, you’re sure to sink into oblivion.

I bought myself the Kindle as a Christmas gift (cheesy, I know) but for one month before I made the purchase, I realized that as writer, I had to be smart and get with the program. After all, it’s not like I write my stories on a typewriter, so why was I clinging to paper books so desperately? When I bought my Kindle, one of my friends commented that she just can’t transition to an e-reader. She can’t give up the smell of books. I thought I couldn’t either, but I had to wake up. The way I consume information is changing rapidly and it just wasn’t possible to cling onto some grand notion that books will win this battle. To be honest, in a way, I felt it was hypocritical for me to write emails and then insist that I can’t do e-readers. If I want to be hard core traditional, then I should write hand notes and letters instead of emails. If I want to be genuine, I shouldn’t even have any apps on my phone, and I shouldn’t do online banking. I can’t have one foot in the past, and one in the digital era.

I love books, just as I used to love writing on my grandfather’s rolls of computer paper. That paper smelt good but I don’t write stories on rolls anymore. I type them. As much as I fought getting an e-reader, I realized I was being a tad hypocritical. I am a gadget person. I love IMAX and 3-D. I love high tech computers. I live online. The transition to an e-reader was bound to happen. I just stopped fighting. Like Barnes; and Borders I may have lost sales by waiting so long to put CIRCLES on Kindle, but like the Nook, I’m hoping it’s not too late to join the game.

I love my Kindle – it’s fantastic. I think an e-reader is one of the most brilliant inventions ever. Thousands of books on one gadget, a gadget that can do so much more than just let you read a book. In the palm of your hand, you can have access to whatever book suits your mood or your interest. I’ve been in situations where I’ve picked up a book for a flight or train ride, but then once I’m on the flight or train, I don’t feel like reading that particular book. With the Kindle, you can read anything you want at any time. There are also no bent or fraying sheets with the Kindle – I know for some, the sight of a worn, folded and creased book stirs up emotions. I can’t help you there, but I’d suggest you let it all go. Kindle books can also have hyperlinks – so when you come across a website in a book, you can click on it and you’re taken directly to the site. Cool, right? So you don’t have to pause, pull out your computer, log on and open the site. Kindles also have in-built dictionaries so you can look up words on the fly instead of noting them down to check later. You can also view a wide range of magazines, newspapers and blogs. It’s not an ipad but it provides some basic web functionality. You can also send as many pdf documents to your Kindle to read. And of course, you can have soft music playing through the speakers. Sounds good? It gets even better. E-books are far cheaper than their print counterparts, sometimes by almost 50%. CIRCLES is $9.99 (versus print price of $19.99) and most e-books are priced between $5.99 and $14.99, far less than print copies, particularly hard back copies.

I love my Kindle, but even if I hated it, there is no denying that e-readers are the future. If you’re a writer, avoiding e-books will hurt your career and create a distance between you and savvy readers. If you’re a reader, clinging on to traditional books is sweet and admirable, but you should also give e-readers a try. They don’t bite, I assure you.

The digital age is here to stay, let’s just embrace it.

CIRCLES is available on AMAZON KINDLE for $9.99. If you don’t have a Kindle yet, you can download the Amazon app onto your iphone or ipad and purchase CIRCLES (and any other book). Whenever you decide to buy the Kindle, your books will automatically be uploaded.

Acknowledgment: Thanks to my brother Kofi Glover for creating and publishing the e-version of CIRCLES.