Video: Biggie’s Cooking Throwdown!

My friend Emmanuel, aka Biggie, loves to cook. Men who really love to cook are a rare breed (and kinda sexy). There are guys who don’t cook at all (J ‘ahem’ Blaze), there are those who cook out of a necessity (they can manage to boil an egg, rice or make peanut butter sandwich) and there are those who really love to cook – like Biggie. My little brother used to love to cook, but I think he’s losing a little interest, which is unfortunate because he used to be really good.

Anyways, Biggie loves to cook, I can’t say that enough, but the key thing is I think Biggie is really good at it. Eventually he wants to open a chain of high-end Ghanaian restaurants in New York, DC and Atlanta. The operative word here is ‘high-end’, nothing like the canteen-type Ghanaian restaurants in the U.S. that are best treated as take-out spots. I haven’t been to any Ghanaian restaurant that you can possibly dress up, go with friends or a date and have a proper dinner – which is why I am 100% supportive and interested in Biggie’s cooking skills and his long-term dreams. You know me, I am a sucker for people who are passionate about something and go for it. I think Biggie is going to be an awesome and famous chef one day (Biggie, remember me oh) so I asked him to whip something interesting for us. All you guys who fall into the ‘don’t cook at all’ bucket – watch and learn.

Note: I apologize, the video is dark but that’s what happens when the chef shows up at 8pm. I don’t have a Food Network well-lit gourmet-style kitchen so please forgive me. Biggie, next time, let’s do this bright and early aight. You have some breakfast recipes, don’t you?