Orijin Culture



Orijin is “A Lifestyle”, connecting all African descendants together through its cultural magazine and unique fashion line.

 Orijin Magazine

“History Rewound”. “Culture Unfolded” . “Lifestyle Expressed”

An African influenced cultural magazine, designed to connect the millenial of African decent living across the world through art, culture and entertainment. Our goal is to reaches out to the Diaspora with stimulating media from a fresh perspective that entertains, educates, informs and embraces diversity. A top multicultural magazine, promoting a unique lifestyle.

Orijin Clothing

“Fashion with an IDENTITY”.

Orijin Culture is a lifestyle brand for millenials of African descents living across the globe and those embracing the continent’s culture and influence. Our line is a combination of collective ideals expressed through fashion. The clothing represents pride in our heritage and confidence in the bright future ahead. Orijin’s identity is afro-centric in nature, but our themes are universal – we are creative, modern, ambitious and orijinal. The clothes are an extension of this identity and lifestyle.

Who is Orijin?

You are. The visionary. The ambitious type. The independent thinker. Yes you, who proudly embraces your heritage but are influenced by diverse cultures. You’re African, you’re African-American, You’re Afro-European, You’re Afro-Caribbean, You’re Afro-Latino…You’re at home everywhere. Orijin is You. You are Orijin.

This is the definition of Orijin posted on the main Orijin website (http://orijinculture.com). Orijin is a lot more than that, really. I have been ‘forskinning’ Orijin for a long time now – and I mean serious forskinning. The first time I went on the website, I was like wow.  My friend Akua wrote a piece on Ruby and Stringz Attached (now part of KUA) for Orijin two years ago, maybe less, not sure. That is how I ended up on the Orijin site. I was completed floored by the logo, the spread, the layout, the vibrant colors, the glossy pictures, and the whole style of the magazine. The entire look and feel of the mag is incredibly classy, stylish and incredibly sexy. Forgive me for my temporary lack of faith in Ghanaian talent, but my first reaction was this isn’t Ghanaian right? And then I later realized it wasn’t only Ghanaian but it was spearheaded by Archyn Brew-Butler. Archyn is one of those boys whose name I used to hear all the time back in Ghana and I assumed he was a party-boy. So connecting him to Orijin was a little hard. Month after month, I checked out the magazine, and then eventually I asked my friend Akua to ask him if he would do a piece on Circles. Yup, I was forskinning. Then I joined the Orijin group on Facebook and added him to my friends. After a couple more months, I sent Archyn an email, hyping up Circles and how great it would be for him to do a feature. No response!

Then last month, when I launched the new blog page, my friend Afi B. (the same girl who introduced me to Ammazing Series, Adventures from the Bedroom of an African Woman, Maameous, and tons of other blogs) sent me an email and said – you need to feature Archyn and Orjin on your blog. I told her I’d been on his mailing list a while now and sent him an email before but got no response. I said if she knows him, she should set it up because I’d love to feature Orijin. And so eventually Archyn and I started talking. Apparently he sucks with emails and Facebook messages so I let that ‘no response’ slide. Archyn is visionary and I admire him to death. You need to be on fast forward when you talk to him because his mind just doesn’t stop churning. He’s constantly on it, thinking about what’s next. He’s one of those people who just needs to ‘create.’ Archyn and I are like kindred spirits, and like Ruby, when I talk to him, it’s a total creative brainstorm. We have a couple of projects lined up together that I won’t share now. In the meantime, let me introduce you to Orijin and the moments in the past couple of years that make Archyn proud and inspire him to continue to do what he does.



One of the greatest moments was to see the dream and goal of Orijin come together when we had our first annual Orijin Affair. Orijin has always been about diversity and unity in culture, regardless of race, color or background, especially African influenced culture, which is adopted all over world. This was a test to see if the world was hearing Orijin.  It was great to see people of various cultural backgrounds come from different cities, states and even country to celebrate Africa without changing their identity but to embrace diversity, unity and each other’s culture.  That night was One love… One heart… One unity … One Orijin. http://orijinculture.com



Another great moment was when I had a call in the middle of the night from a friend who congratulated me after seeing Gyptian wear Orijin clothing during his Album release party and performance in New York. Honestly I never knew about it, and I never paid him to wear my clothing. The vision was clear and the hottest reggae artist of this year saw through it and represented Orijin .

 Orijin clothing: “fashion with an identity” http://orijinculture.com/store



It is always a great moment when we have interviews with great public figures such as Gyptain, Winnie Mandela, Les Nubian (which is coming up soon) and many others. You get to hear them proudly confirm their Orijin and talk about their culture. You also get to feel the connection as we discuss their roots and issues that we face as African descendant; Those living in Africa and the Diaspora. http://orijinculture.com/magazine


This is a moment that is more personal. This was when I was invited to Winnie Mandela’s house. I think my reaction is self explanatory through the video. (http://www.facebook.com/orijinculture#!/orijinculture?v=app_7146470109).

It was as if I was lost. The wisdom you get from the wise is as valuable as education. It was like a blessing, a breath of air on Orijin to continue to reach, preach and connect all African descendants together.



 Archyn Brew-Butler – Founder, Orijin

Everyday is a great moment when I see the growth of Orijin through its readership, subscription, clothing and customer support.

I love seeing the growth and interaction on our fan page on facebook (http://facebook.com/orijinculture).  It is like reading stocks, lol. That is my wall street. lol. Every single “Like” means a lot to me, every interaction means a lot to me. It means people are listening, people are supporting, and people are blessing what Orijin is doing. This is the greatest moment because this is what gives Orijin Life.

 It is You, it is Me, it is Us. We make Orijin.

Orijin Culture: “A Lifestyle”, connecting all African descendants together through its cultural magazine and unique fashion line.