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Architecture means the art and science of designing and erecting buildings. I define it as the thing my cousin Selassie is obsessed about. I’m sure I’ve told this story on this blog before, but let me just tell it again. Sel and I went to watch a movie, The International, and there was one absolutely incredible action-packed scene that was particularly engrossing and this is what Selassie says right in the middle of it – ‘Dang, did you see that building?’ I was stunned for a minute. Uhhh, what? Building? I was kinda busy watching Clive Owen so no, sorry, I missed the building. I think Sel went on for maybe another couple of minutes about the building and its location in France, and some history behind it. Dude was serious and thanks to him, I’d like to think of myself as a fascinated student of architecture. 

Selassie is co-founder and CEO of DLS Design – a group of young, budding and visionary architects who are truly passionate about their craft. Architecture is their lifestyle. More importantly, it’s their business. As Ruby often says, you can’t forget the business part of what you’re passionate about. In the ‘KUA’ post, she puts it this way – ‘The moment you decide to make a business out of something you are passionate about, go at it with guns blazing and don’t let your fears discourage you.’ 

And that’s what Sel, Jorge and Gary are doing with DLS Design. They’re blazing. Check out the company portfolio below and find out what architecture means to these guys. My ‘dream project’ slated for 2012 will be developed by DLS Design for sure. Actually, on that note, Sel, what’s the family discount rate? 









Firm Profile
e LaRosa Lamptey Singh Design Group  is a multi-disciplinary firm established in 2008 with a commitment to architectural design excellence. Our firm offers a complete range of services including concept development, site planning and master planning, and we also offer services in interior and landscape designing. Our experienced design team offers an innovative and fresh approach to the architectural design process, utilizing the most cutting edge technology in the field of architecture. Over the years our design team has specialized mainly in residential projects within the New York/New Jersey area and we’ve also been involved with several commercial and master planning projects recently. We believe our clients benefit through our ability to create bold, innovative design, and our ability to present client-focused solutions across varying project types. 

DLS Founders 













Sellasie Lamptey/ Partner, C.E.O
Education: Masters in Architecture, NJIT
Origin: Ghana

 1. Why architecture?

Architecture has basically been a lifelong passion of mine. Thinking all the way back to my childhood, i’d say architecture is really the only thing i’ve ever wanted to do. Growing up I always had an artistic incline; sketching all the time and building things from scrap, creating was borderline obsessive for me, and somehow this slowly evolved into a fascination with building design and the “built environment” in general. For as long as I can remember I’ve always viewed architecture as my life’s purpose.

 2. What does architecture mean to you? Who are your favorite greats and their works?

 Personally, I’ve always viewed architecture as such a powerful means to augment the quality of peoples lives by improving the built environment. There’s no question that our day to day lives and everything we do is so directly impacted by our built environment, so I’ve always believed architecture is absolutely crucial to each of us, whether we are conscious of it or not. It changes the world, in every way, and for some reason I have always been fascinated by this very direct impact architecture has on our physical and even our psyche. I guess that’s partly what drives my passion for architecture. But also its the ability to conceptualize a design purely from imagination and then bring it to life in the physical, its powerful device. For me its led to an obsession with design and continuously trying to perfect design with every opportunity. My favorite greats are Alva Alto, Mies Van der Rohe, Luis Kahn, Richard Meier, Santiago Calatrava, Renzo Piano and Daniel Libeskind. 

 3. What does the future look like – for DLS, for you?

The future looks bright for DLS Design Group. Over the years we’ve really focused on using the most cutting-edge technology in our field and being innovative by streamlining the design process. We’re focusing more on sustainability and other forefront issues in contemporary architecture, its slowly paying off and its kept us going especially during these grueling times in the building industry. We’ve also benefited from the fact that most clients come to us in need of bold, fresh ideas; conceptual ideas they’ve never seen anywhere else and thats what we take pride in. We’re glad people are beggining to take notice. Architecture should always speak for itself and we believe our work does.

 4. Words of encouragement for anyone who wants to pursue architecture.
Unfortunately there’s the idea out there that architecture is too much of a challenge and a degree is too difficult to attain, but I would say to anyone who wants to pursue architecture that just like any other profession you can always succeed if you’re genuinely committed, your passion will always keep you going. There’s serious lack of minorities in our field though, much less than most professions and we really do hope this begins to change over time. We really encourage more minorities out there who are considering architecture to take the jump! With architecture you have an opportunity to impact the world in ways you didn’t even think were possible, you can change the world with your passion and ideas.   




Jorge De La Rosa/Partner, President
Education: Masters in Architecture, NJIT
Origin: Dominican Republic 


1. Why architecture?
I have been surrounded by arcchitecture and construction from the day I was born; my dad is a successful architect back in my country and he provided all the inspiration I needed to make a decision about my future. 

2.  What does architecture mean to you? Who are your favorite greats and their works? 

Architecture to me, as other art forms, is a way of showing your creativity to solve the most basic public and private needs in our society in the most aesthetically pleasant way; plus the idea of putting something on paper (computer) and then see it become a reality, it makes us have a very small and miniscule glimpse of how our creator feels when He gives us life…something become a reality from just your thoughts…it’s simply amazing…that’s what got me…. Besides my father, 2 other architects I respect and admire are Santiago Calatrava and Richard Meier…they can make beautiful architecture with simplicity and engineering elements.

3. What does the future look like – for DLS, for you?
I have great plans for DLS that I am not disclosing to anyone until my future becomes closer to “present;” architecture is being driven by the digital age and I just can’t imagine what’s next….everyday someone comes up with an amazing idea, however, and it gives me a piece of mind that we can always find and design originality, whether it is to design for beauty, for function, or a mixture, which is always desirable in my opinion.

 4. Words of encouragement for anyone who wants to pursue architecture.
Studying architecture is the worst thing out there because the real life is not so much like that, but it trains you in so many other levels that it is worth while in the end…True taste of an architect’s scope comes after you start working and studying for your registration to finally call yourself an architect….it might not sound appealing, but just the challenge and sacrifices it takes to accomplish this is personally the most rewarding career achievement. 




Gary Singh/Partner, Vice President
Education: Masters in Architecture, NJIT
Origin: New Jersey/ India