Hereafter is a snooze fest

I love Matt Damon to death almost as much as I love Ben Affleck (although I know people love Matt more). He is truly a talented and versatile actor and he will win an Oscar for acting one day. It just won’t be for Hereafter.

Hereafter sucks. I really can’t say much more. It is even more disappointing that Clint Eastwood directed it. Each of Clint’s movies over the last five years has been nominated for an Oscar. I sincerely hope Hereafter doesn’t get a single nod. It’s a terrible thing for me to say but ever since George Clooney did that crap-fest ‘The American’ I’ve decided not to spare any of my favorites. It doesn’t matter how much I adore and respect you, if your movie sucks, it sucks.

Hereafter feels like it shouldn’t even be a movie. I’m not sure it would even qualify for a TV movie or miniseries. It’s so slow I couldn’t even concentrate which is ironic. I wasn’t expecting any action, but all the same, a movie about death doesn’t have to be so dead. Hereafter is centered on three separate characters, an American clairvoyant who can’t accept his gift; a French journalist who has a near-death experience that changes her life; and a British boy who loses his twin in a tragic car accident. It was a little challenging connecting with their pain, except for the boy whose story was moving, I must admit. The other two, I really couldn’t care. As I sat there watching, all I kept thinking was – when does Unstoppable come out again?

Grade = C.

TV Rave of the Week

Sound of Music cast reunited on Oprah! I can’t express how much watching this reunion meant to me. I love, love, love Sound of Music. I can’t count how many times I watched the movie as a child. I think my brothers and I wore that tape out. Sound of Music is a classic, hands down.

Thanks to the Queen of Daytime Talk, Ms. Oprah Winfrey, I got to see Maria, the Captain and all the kids together – 40 years after the movie came out. I can’t believe Sound of Music is 40 years old. That is incredible. And the fact that all of them, the entire core cast is alive is incredible. The Oprah reunion had a number of highs for me. Christopher Plummer (Captain von Trapp) is a trip. He’s 80 years old and he’s still charming, funny and witty. I love him. And to see Julie Andrews talk about the movie, her favorite scenes, and about losing her voice later in life. She’s incredible and so elegant and beautiful. The best part for me was seeing these von Trapp kid actors all grown up. I do wish Oprah had spent a little more time on each of them, and done a little before and after clip or some type of through the years spiel. I’m curious to know what they’ve been doing for the last 40 years. I know Julie and Christopher have been acting but I don’t know what the von Trapp kids have been up to. She did show a little bit about what they’ve been doing, but it was quick. There needs to be a True E-Hollywood episode on all of them. Another high of the show for me was the ‘behind the scenes’ footage, stories and pictures they shared. 9 months of working, filming and singing together. It seems they had a blast. The scene of Julie Andrews singing with the real Maria von Trapp in 1973 was so sweet. Oprah’s audience also shared what the movie means to them which was very touching. And to cap it all off, the grandchildren of the real von Trapps sung Edelweiss. Such talent! Beautiful!

It was a wonderful, wonderful reunion and I think I must have grinned through-out.  Happy 40th anniversary, Sound of Music!!

(Sound of Music is coming out on Blu-ray HD in November)

TV Rant of the Week

I’ve said this to a friend before but I’d like to share it here. Shonda Rhimes (creator of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice) must be suffering from latent depression. Those two shows are the most depressing and miserable shows on TV. Seriously. Is anyone ever truly happy on either of the shows? It’s like Shonda thinks of the worst things that can happen to people and she throws them without inhibition at the cast – from baby ripped from a baby, gas explosions deaths, car accident death, bus accident death, rampant shooting, divorce, alcoholism, cheating, lying, more cheating, sexual assault, cancer, etc. And this is stuff that happens to the core cast. Don’t get me started on the patient stories and miseries. I really can’t watch both shows anymore so I swore off them when the new seasons started this fall. Then last week, I accidentally ended up on Private Practice and there was Violet talking to this guy who is gay but can’t confess to his wife who’s about to have a child or something like that. Total sob story. And the scene quickly changes to Cooper at the hospital talking to a guy whose wife is either dead or in a coma and he can’t let go. Total of 4 mins max that I was on there and it was all misery. What’s new?

Shonda Rhimes needs a love life. She needs happiness. She needs a toy boy. She needs something!