Red Rocks!


Movie of the Week

It’s difficult for an action movie to be sincerely funny as well. The combination is tough. Romantic comedies are a dime a dozen, actually I think that’s all the type of romantic movies they’re churning out these days. Case in point – Katherine Heigl’s ‘Life as we know it’. There are other attempts at action/romantic comedies, examples Ashton Kutcher’s movie Killers and Tom Cruise’s movie Knight and Day. Recently, I think alot of movies are missing the mark with their genre or descriptions.

 I think none of these examples get it done as perfectly as Red does. The action in Red in incredibly cool, the jokes are seriously on point without even trying and the romance is more oddball than generic. The other good thing about Red that I enjoyed is the movie doesn’t rush. The pace works well from beginning to end. You don’t feel like it’s too short or too long. Some movies make you feel like, really, is that it? And some other movies could have been better 30mins shorter and still worked. Red takes it’s time to get you into the story and the characters. By the end of the movie, you feel like you know each one of them. And that isn’t an easy feat to pull with the type of ensemble cast that the movie has. Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Mary-Louise Parker, Karl Urban and Ernest Borgnine. Bruce was cool, as always, Morgan classic, and Mirren was a delight, seriously. The person who stole the show completely was John Malkovich. Dude was just hilarious. I’m laughing now just remembering him in the movie. John Malkovich remains one of my favorite actors of all time.

I know some movie critics, like USA Today, bashed Red. I am not a movie critic. I’m a consumer and this is my perspective. I don’t purport to know it all. What I do know is I had a damn good time watching Red!!

TV Rave of the Week

I have to give mad props to CBS. Once again, CBS has the most watched new show of the season – Hawaii Five-O! CBS is like the thinking man’s channel – from CSI, The Mentalist (highest rated new show in it’s debut season two years ago), Criminal Minds, The Good Wife (highest rated new show last year), NCIS and Blue Bloods (second highest rated new show this year after Hawaii Five-O). CBS is consistent in their selections and their programming. They’ve identified what works for them and they stick to it. I have at least one CBS show I watch a day. Monday – Hawaii Five-O (10pm); Tuesday – NCIS (8pm), NCIS:LA (9pm) and The Good Wife (10pm); Wednesday – Criminal Minds (10pm); Thursday – CSI (the original) (9pm), The Mentalist (10pm) and Friday – CSI:NY (9pm), Blue Bloods (10pm). Talk about an excellent line-up!

CBS does attract an older, working group demo, but this same demo spends money on the expensive items. CBS may not get the Gossip Girl/Vampire Diaries demo but companies/advertisers also appreciate the spending group who get up and go buy ‘stuff’ Buicks instead of jeans. So I say kudos to CBS. Keep ’em coming!

TV Rant of the Week

I’ve given The Event a chance, and I guess I’ll continue to watch it because Mondays at 9pm is kinda weak for the other stations. Just because I will continue to watch doesn’t mean I can’t complain. The show is getting on my nerves. This week’s episode was based on one thing – Sean getting Leila out. Forget the whole negotiation thing with the President. I feel like each episode of The Event is like a trailer. You do get a little bit more info but after one hour each week, is that how we deserve to be rewarded? I think the pace of the show needs to be quicker. It just makes me miss 24. In one 24 episode, so much happens from beginning to end. There is no time wasting. The Event drags out episodes so much that I wish the whole season would end so I can watch it back to back. The weekly thing is just not working. What do we know so far? Even after 4 weeks? I think it’s not fair. They need to step it up. CBS’s Two and a Half Men has twice the numbers of The Event right now. That’s bad, if a comedy can cream a mystery/drama at 9pm by a wide margin. I’m not a fan of Charlie Sheen which is why I don’t watch Two and a Half Men but The Event is losing me, week by week.