Update on CIRCLES









Info on how, where and when you can get CIRCLES:

In Ghana, CIRCLES will be in Silverbird and Airport Shell within the next week or so. But before then, you can call the following people for a copy:

Nana Akuoko Glover – 0244-724-007

Albert Anim – 0244-774-992

Simon Mills – 0241-225-042

Outside Ghana, CIRCLES is now available on Amazon. Just type in Circles by Boakyewaa Glover or click the links below:



Since I am not a celebrity, Sarah Palin or on Oprah’s book list, CIRCLES probably won’t be in ALL international bookstores. However, for Barnes and Noble and Borders, if the book is not in store, you can order or request a copy and then you pick it up later. I’d say the best bet is Amazon though. In the end, they’re the number 1 book retailers in the world. Book sales through book stores has only grown by 3% in the last five years whiles Amazon has grown by 104%, and they have a wider reach. So you can easily get a copy through Amazon.

If anyone has a problem getting it, let me know 🙂

I hope you enjoy CIRCLES!!