None of the Above

Glenn hung up and rubbed his eyes. He was tired of everything; of work and of the charade he was living. He pulled out his iPhone, logged onto Facebook and stared at a picture of the woman he couldn’t get out of his mind. The woman who wasn’t Carly. He sighed. What was he doing? He needed to get this obsession out of his mind. But he just couldn’t. He hadn’t felt this way about anyone his entire life. What he had for Carly was safe and predictable. It was meant to be. He’d known Carly for 15 years. They’d dated, broken up, found their way back, lost their way again and then five years ago, they made an unspoken concerted effort to work at it. Marriage was a natural progression. If you don’t marry the woman you’ve known and loved for 15 years, then who do you marry? Definitely not the girl he met three months ago, Jazmine Adu, the 23 year old law student who was haunting him.

It was a Saturday, Carly wasn’t feeling well and he needed a break from work. So when his best man Kwasi invited him to a party, he didn’t say no. He wanted to get drunk on free booze and then pass out on someone’s sofa. Instead, Jazmine walked right into his life, and nothing was the same. She was wearing a white wife beater and dark slim fitting jeans. Her hair was short and wavy, very sexy he thought then. Her body was tight and lean. Carly was skinny, but Jazmine had some curves, in the right places. But for Glenn, it wasn’t just about looks. When he started talking to Jazmine, he couldn’t stop talking to her. She was smart, loved law, just like he did. She could relate to his dreams, because she had the same drive and ambition. Hearing her talk, it was like hearing himself talk, 13 years ago. That was the problem. He was 36, 13 whole years older than her. The other problem was he proposed to Carly just a month before he met Jazmine. Just a month! But even if he hadn’t proposed, he couldn’t possibly jeopardize a good thing for someone so young, no matter how sexy, smart and driven she was. Jazmine was literally his dream girl, it was incredible. Everything he had ever wanted in a woman she had. It was like God looked into his head and created his Eve. He and Jazmine talked every single day now. He couldn’t put brakes on it even if he tried. She was completely under his skin. He was enamored with her. And each day, he tried to remind himself of what he had. He’d known Carly 15 years! She was such a good person, with a beautiful heart. She’d stuck by him through all his issues and infidelities. She loved him unconditionally. So fine, she wasn’t particularly his ideal. She had only a Bachelor’s in Arts, and she had these lofty ideas that just weren’t realistic. No matter how hard he tried to bring her down to earth, Carly clung stubbornly to the notion of ‘what she was meant to be’. Glenn tried to ignore all of that because there was a lot he liked and respect about Carly. She was beautiful, she could do anything she wanted and she’d been there for him through thick and thin. She knew him better than anyone else. And honestly, in the last few months, things had become very complicated very fast. He couldn’t even think about it. There was just no way, absolutely no way he could call it quits. He’d made his bed. He had to lie in it. He was getting married in a few weeks. He had to let this thing with Jazmine go. He had to.

Carly tossed her cell phone aside after she hung up with Glenn. She lay back on her bed and stared pensively at the ceiling. She was actually getting married to Glenn. It seemed surreal. She had wanted this practically all her life, ever since she laid eyes on him a lifetime ago. She’d loved him deeply for so long, she just couldn’t believe it was actually happening. Of course in between their break ups, she’d met other people, but somehow, her heart still remained his. Now that this was really happening, there was a small nagging feeling inside her. She’d been through so much with Glenn. His constant cheating had drained her, and his obsession with his job made him seem a tad materialistic and cold. He was a smart guy. He was handsome, driven and accomplished. She loved him. So what more did she want? There just wasn’t anything better out there. This was also for her mother as much as it was for herself. This anxiety, this doubt, it was all probably wedding jitters.

Carly rubbed her flat tummy gently. When she and Glenn got engaged, they weren’t as careful as they used to be. Just a few days ago, she found out she was two weeks pregnant. That was what forced her to find her dress. She couldn’t delay things any longer. Her fate was sealed. She had given Glenn 15 years. She might as well finish it. So he had a wandering eye. Whose husband doesn’t? She knew Adjo had the same problem. Actually, all her friends had the same problem. And also, she was 34 years old. She didn’t have the luxury of time. She was getting married to Glenn Asamoah.  She glanced at the diamond ring on her finger. Mrs. Glenn Asamoah. Mrs. Glenn Asamoah. Mrs. Glenn Asamoah …